unfinished bathroom vanities

Like all other home decors, unfinished bathroom vanities too can be designed to conventional standard sizes or for custom sizes as per to your requirements. Unfinished bathroom vanity units are generally without tops and hence you need to organize its sink and top as well. Wooden vanity cabinets are usually handmade using high-end industrial building techniques such as dovetail drawers, solid hardwood frames and double-wall panels. They are available in various sizes and styles to suit different modern flooring ideas. Marble, stone and granite are also used for top finishes. Unfinished bathroom vanity units are popular as they impart a stylish look while remaining affordable.

The price range of unfinished bathroom vanities is quite large. You can find cabinets and drawers in different price ranges starting from expensive to very low prices. Some of these unfinished cabinets can also be painted to give them a new look. To buy a cabinet, first figure out what kind of cabinet you want, whether you require a cabinet for storage, for mirror, for medicine cabinet or for a mirror, etc. After knowing the kind of cabinet that you want, go online and search for new one or a used one.

Before you decide on buying the unit, make sure that the store has a good return policy, warranty period, etc. Also, ask the salesperson about the discount coupons and sales offered on the purchase of the new vanity units. Visit the store in person before making the final deal to avoid buying an imitation product. It is advisable to ask help from a professional interior designer for advice regarding buying bathroom vanities. A good designer would be able to advise you on the kind of material to use for your bathroom vanity, the color, shape and size of the unit, and other important things.