Modern Floor design Ideas For Using Solar Lights

Solar lights are one of the most versatile modern devices for enhancing home interior decor and lighting the outdoors. If you live in a warm sunny area then using solar lights is an excellent option to save on your power bill and help to conserve energy. Solar lights have become more affordable over the years with some fantastic modern designs being available at very reasonable rates. These lights can also create a very pleasing and relaxing atmosphere in your garden or yard which will be a delight for you and your family to spend time in.

Solar lights are becoming one of the most popular decorative lighting items used today. They can be found in almost any retail store and they come in many different styles, colors and shapes. In addition to the different styles of these modern house ideas for interior design ideas, the interior of your home will look great when you use a solar outdoor lighting product. This type of lighting is not only attractive and pleasing to the eye, but it is also very efficient in energy consumption.

One of the most interesting modern house ideas is the installation of solar lights. Solar lights not only help in the reduction of electricity bill cost but also help in the conservation of energy. A solar light, as commonly called a solar lamp or solar light, is a light system consisting of a small solar lamp, solar collector, battery and there can also be an inverter included to control the electrical current. Most solar lamps and solar lights are easy to install in the exterior part of the home like on the steps, walkway, patios or decks. However, some solar lights such as the solar garden lights require an expert installation so that it will not be damaged by the weather or the changing seasons.

Beautiful, contemporary solar lights can bring warmth and ambience to any room in the house. You can use solar outdoor lighting as well to accent your landscape and landscaping. They are easy to set up, cost effective, efficient, and provide bright light for many hours without stopping. You don’t have to buy batteries or extra fuel to operate indoor solar lights, and yet you won’t hire a professional electrician to put them in an awkward area. If you love nature, or if you want to add some color to your back yard, you can set up solar outdoor lights with solar string lights that catch and reflect sunlight so that they look beautiful even in the brightest of days. You can also get solar outdoor security lights that have sensors that turn the lights on when someone enters a certain area.

One of the great home furniture ideas for the 21st century is to integrate solar lights into your interior design to create subtle, natural light. With the cost of electricity and fossil fuels constantly rising, using light from the sun is not only economical, but it is also a far more eco-friendly alternative to traditional forms of lighting. A solar lamp, sometimes called a solar lantern or solar light, is simply a light system made up of a solar panel, LED light, rechargeable battery, circuit board, inverter and an inverter charger. There are a wide variety of different solar lamp designs for use indoors, so whatever your home design, there’s sure to be a solar lamp that will make your interior design ideas come together perfectly.

Solar lights have paved the way for an easier and more cost effective way to light the house, garden. Used for both outdoor and indoor purpose, they are an advanced and new technology that cannot ever be compared with the traditional methods of lightening bringing lots of advantages to the table as well. This is one of the main reasons why people have started considering solar lights as the replacement of traditional lighting systems. For this reason there has been much growth in the market for these types of lights bringing in a wide range of choices for people. From very cheap and efficient to ones that will completely blow your mind, there are all kinds of different types of lights available in the market. From wonderful interior design ideas to unique decoration items, solar lights are here to stay.

The first thing that comes to mind when you picture solar lights is probably a shiny piece of metal hanging from a tree. But modern design ideas have turned this traditional concept into a beautiful decoration idea. Simply place these lovely lights in areas where they’ll get some natural sunlight, and they’re all good to go from day to night. Of course, solar lights aren’t just about function. Sure, they light up your path and free up your home’s electricity, but what if they also looked gorgeous?

Solar lights are among the most popular options for solar home decoration. Solar lights function much like a scaled-down version of a standard rooftop solar panel system, only with one major difference: solar lights have to contain separate battery storage for the battery power that the solar cells will draw during the day. Most modern solar lights feature a single battery unit located centrally in the shade or on top of the roof. Battery storage is necessary for storing the power collected during the day so that it can be used at night.

In the modern world where home decor has grown to include everything from wall art and antiques to rugs and kitchen cabinets, solar lights have become increasingly popular as an alternative form of decor. There are several reasons for this trend. One is the environmental issue – solar lights use very little electricity and if you run your current bulb out, you only need to replace it’s battery. This is perfect for people that do not wish to run expensive lighting systems on their electricity supply. They are also perfect for green homes that wish to use energy efficient lighting but do not wish to be tethered to the electrical grid. The following are some beautiful design ideas that incorporate solar lights into interior and exterior design:

If you are looking for unique and attractive interior design decoration for your homes, then these solar lights can also be the perfect options. There are different types of solar lights available in the market such as solar landscape lights, solar security lights, solar exterior lighting and solar Christmas lights. These lights come with a lot of advantages. Here is a look at the following benefits:

Using a beautiful container for current lighting, whether they’re solar or electrical, adds an extra dose of design to your garden. Adding solar lights to wooden planters filled with greenery can bring a natural touch of the outdoors in. Solar lights can even be added to unglazed brick walls to create illuminated stepping stones. All these modern design ideas will add a sense of energy and vibrancy to your home, patio, or garden.

It is summer time and you want to have some beautiful outdoor lighting to make your lawn more inviting and your garden more beautiful. So you head down to your local hardware store and pick out a few solar lights, and decide that they are the way to go. You may also want to check out what kind of solar lights you can get for your deck or patio that will give you that outdoor feel and look that you want. Just put those solar lights in the ground wherever you want to have a beautiful, glowing glow for the summer. You’ll love having them around to brighten up things on those nights when you want to have a little outdoor entertaining. But wait, there’s more.

You may think that solar lights are just a decoration. In actuality, these lovely lights have a lot more functionality than you might realize. Simply place these charming lights in the right spots where they can soak up some solar rays, and they’re good to go for hours. Of course, solar lights aren’t just about practicality. Sure, they illuminate your path and free up your home’s electricity, but aside from that, they can also look absolutely gorgeous.

Nothing is more romantic than spending a warm, summer afternoon by the pool enjoying the splendor of the setting sun with your loved one. However, for those who cannot afford to purchase and install expensive solar panels, there are other options available to create the intimate setting you desire for your pool area. The addition of some well-placed solar lights will transform your outdoor space immediately after sundown, enabling you to take advantage of your outdoor living area after dark, creating an intimate environment and extending the period of time that will be spent outside entertaining.

Modern solar lights are the answer to a home that is both efficient and beautiful in design. These types of lights are used as decorations and in most cases are used for more than just their functionality either. Most modern solar designs will add beauty to the home as well as provide functionality, which is a win-win situation for any home owner. With all the different types of solar lights available today it can be very difficult to choose one for your home.

Solar lights are now used for different purposes. They can be used for patio, decks, walkways, poolside areas, patios, for security or for beautification. A solar lamp, also called a solar lighting or solar statue, is basically a light fixture that is made of solar cells or solar lamps that has been mounted on the outside surface of the house to get maximum exposure to sunlight. There are several types of solar lights available for homeowners today, from antique cast-iron designs, modern decorative styles to uniquely designed ones with artistic shapes.

Solar lights are one of the most popular choices for outdoor decoration in recent years. People have discovered that these wonderful lights not only add color to your garden or patio, but also help save energy by using very little electricity. They provide bright, colorful illumination for years without ever running out of power. Solar design ideas can help you create a beautiful decorating scheme that incorporates the best solar lighting products on the market today.

Today, solar lights are very popular with interior designers. They are used for outdoor decor as well as for interior design purposes. The fact is that solar lights can provide beautiful interior design decoration by creating beautiful ambiance in a space. The following lines give some tips for using solar lights for decorating your house and giving it a beautiful design. The basic idea behind this beautiful design is that solar lights take little energy and power from the sun, and thus are environment friendly.

Solar lights have come a long way in the last few years and have become one of the most popular and practical home lighting devices. This is because they provide permanent light and save electricity while being easily moved and stored when not in use. In fact, they are perfect for people who have limited space and cannot have both a desk lamp and a floor lamp to illuminate their home, yet wish to have both.

Solar lights have been around for quite some time, but their usage has increased tremendously over the last few years. The popularity is because of their versatility. You can put them just about anywhere in your house and you will be able to light up your home without using any kind of electricity at all. Simply place these lights wherever they catch some sun rays, and they’re good to go. Of course, solar lights aren’t only about functionality anymore. Sure, they illuminate your path and free up your house’s need for electric power, but guess what? They also can look absolutely gorgeous, as well.

Solar lights have always been popular with homeowners as they provide both a beautiful decoration and useful lighting at the same time. The main reason for this popularity is that the costs for solar lights are generally cheaper than conventional lighting methods. Solar lights are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes which ensure that you will find a style and design that suits your taste. Whether you are looking for interior decoration or just want to add a little extra light to your garden or front yard solar lights are an excellent choice.

Wonderful Interior Design Ideas With Solar Lights

Solar lights are among the wonderful interior design ideas that are available today. Simply place these lights in any room of the home where they will get some natural sun light, and they’re good to go. Of course, solar lights aren’t just about practicality. Sure, they illuminate your path and free up your electric power at home, but guess what? They can also look absolutely gorgeous, as well.

Homeowners across the world have started using solar lights for numerous reasons. Some homeowners like the idea of being able to use solar energy at home as they are not tied up with paying monthly bills. They save money on their monthly expenses and therefore have more money for other home needs such as vacations. Other homeowners like the look and feel of solar lights, as they are easier to install and require no wiring. There are many exterior lighting ideas that incorporate solar lights into your home design ideas.

Solar lights are one of the most efficient, environment-friendly and money saving home improvements you can make in your home today. It is not only a great accent to your interior design ideas, but also a cost and energy saving one! These solar lights come in many different styles and models. Here are some of our top home furniture ideas for incorporating modern solar lighting in your home.

Modern House Ideas Using Modern Solar Lights

Solar lighting is a big deal these days as the cost for electricity and gas continue to rise. Most people have been forced to look for new and modern ways to light their homes, gardens and outdoor spaces in an energy efficient manner. We have all heard of solar lights, but many people are not aware of their basic mechanics or how much they really benefit our environment. Solar lighting is one type of alternative energy device that really does benefit our planet. Here are some solar lights and home furniture ideas to inspire you to go “green”!

Solar lights have become quite popular in recent years as more people learn about the many benefits of solar energy. There are a variety of different types of solar lighting available which includes solar lamps, solar outdoor lighting, solar deck lighting and solar landscape lighting. A solar lamp, also referred to as a solar lantern or solar lighting, is a portable lighting system made up of a bright LED flashlight, solar panels, rechargeable battery, charge controller, inverter and there can also be an inverter if you wish to connect to electricity. Most modern solar lights use rechargeable batteries which can be recharged during the night.

With energy and solar power on the increase, now is probably time to update your standard plug-in outdoor light to eco-friendly and easy-to-use solar lights. Not only is solar power a green and environmentally friendly choice, it’s usually easier and usually more aesthetically pleasing than battery-powered or corded lights. There are several different styles and options out there today, so it won’t be hard to find just the right one for your home. And thanks to recent technological advances, you can even have beautiful, long-lasting, solar decor lighting that can help define your home’s exterior. Whether your lighting needs are for a bright, cheery disposition during the holidays or a subdued, relaxing glow during the winter, there are modern design ideas to fit any lifestyle. Consider these beautiful design ideas:

What is solar lights? Nothing is nicer than sitting out in the backyard on a cool night in the autumn. And the inclusion of some well placed solar lights can turn your patio into a shimmering, inviting, stylish space after dark. Even just a small amount of light can really have a big effect on a patio at nighttime, increasing the amount of time you can spend outdoors entertaining, creating a more relaxed environment and giving your patio that welcoming feel. By using beautiful light fixtures, such as solar powered lights, you can give your patio or deck that extra bit of flare.

Improve Your House Design With Solar Lights

Solar lights for your house are easy to install, require little electricity, and help beautify your exterior and interior design without adding additional cost. Unlike traditional outdoor lighting, solar lights harness the power of the sun by using its energy to charge a rechargeable lipless battery, storing it until dusk to light walkways, fences, and walls. In addition to providing you with a sense of greater safety and security come night time, solar lights are eco-friendly since they do not produce harmful emissions which harm the earth. With solar lights, you enhance your house design, improve the exterior and interior lighting and save money on your utility bill.

There’s nothing prettier than sitting out on your back porch in the evening, enjoying the night sky. And the inclusion of some well placed solar lights can really transform your backyard after dark, helping you maximize your outdoor space for enjoyable evenings. Even a small amount of light can really have an enormous effect on a porch at night, enhancing the time that you can spend outdoors entertaining and creating a comfortable, inviting environment. Solar lights are easy to install, require little maintenance, and create a beautiful, moody atmosphere that can make your back yard one of the best parts of your house. This article takes a look at some modern design ideas for incorporating solar lighting into your interior design.

Whether you are searching for beautiful floor design ideas or simply trying to minimize your electric bill every month, solar lights can be a great addition to your interior decorating. Solar lights give you the option to decorate your home without using electrical power. Easy to install, these solar lights usually have stake-like attachments at the end which dig into the earth and safely stay in place where you wish additional lighting. Also, they often have a solar collector at the top which converts sun into electricity and then converts that electricity into lighting to light your way.

Solar lights have become the latest breakthrough in contemporary technology. Utilized for both outdoor and indoor lighting purposes, they’re a relatively new and innovative technology that can’t even be compared to the traditional ways of lighting, yet constantly bringing lots of advantages to the table with regards to design. In fact, the SolarBotanic collection boasts a beautiful design with an unobtrusive installation that’s sure to bring you nothing but elegance and style to your home or office. These products combine the benefits of solar energy, sleek design, modern technology, and simplicity while bringing everything together to create a product that speaks of itself as a beautiful decoration, a wonderful light fixture, or just a great addition to any room. Whatever SolarBotanic collection you choose, you’re sure to find one that will blend perfectly into whatever setting you’re aiming it to fit.

Solar lights are not only beautiful, they also are easy on your wallet. These solar outdoor lights can easily be used year round and provide hours of beautiful decoration around your home. You can find different ways to use them to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. If you are trying to get an idea of how to use solar lights and decoration, then check out these 10 fantastic decoration ideas that use solar lights as the main theme. Use these wonderful interior ideas and decorate your home with solar lights.

Solar lights have been a popular addition to many homes for several years now. Unlike traditional exterior lighting, solar lights harness the power of the sun to light your home with little electricity use, lasting throughout the night. Additionally, they offer a sense of safety and greater visibility come nightfall, come winter, as well as throughout the spring and fall months. In addition, the stylish designs of today’s solar lights allow for easy installation and added versatility. Whether you’re looking for sleek, modern house furniture ideas or interior design ideas for your swimming pool, solar lights provide exceptional options that will enhance your home’s value, comfort, and function for years to come.

A solar lamp, also referred to as a solar lighting or solar lamp is simply a lighting device made up of a solar panel, LED lamp with solar cells, rechargeable battery, charge controller, and there might also be an inverter also. Solar lights are available in different shapes and sizes and can easily be purchased from online stores at affordable rates. You just need to decide what is best for you. There are various types of designs, shapes, colors, shapes, sizes and brands available in the market, so you need to find the one that suits you and looks trendy, unique and most importantly energy efficient. Nowadays, it has become very important to save energy because it helps us reduce our monthly electricity bills.

Solar lights are designed to be energy efficient, but that is only one consideration when designing and using solar lights. Most people are also concerned with beautiful floor design ideas because flooring adds significant value to the home. Solar lights can be used as decor because they are unobtrusive and work well in almost any setting. Solar lights are also great for illuminating a pool, garden or any other landscaping or outdoor area. Modern floor design ideas should include solar lights if you want your home to look beautiful during all seasons.

Solar lights are one of the most beautiful decorating accents for your home, garden, office or corporate building. A solar lamp is also called a solar lantern or solar light and is made up of a glass bulb, solar cells, battery, charge control and there can also be an inverter to provide the electricity required for the light. You can find these lighting fixtures in different shapes and sizes to fit the interiors of your house or building. These Solar Lights are available in different colors such as white, green, blue and red to suit your interior decor.

Exterior Design With Solar Lights

Solar lights transform your balcony or the garden at night from a place of unrestrained anxiety into an oasis of peace – totally devoid of electric wire and electricity. They are a great help for the house design as well. The exterior design with a touch of sophistication can be achieved easily, if you use the modern solar lights. If you’ve decided on a particular project, or the landscaping of your garden, the best place to start is with your interior design. Interior design for solar lights is very easy, as there are many different types of outdoor solar lights you could choose from.

Brightening up your outdoors living space with solar lights can dramatically enhance the way that your garden or backyard looks and provides an incentive to spend much more time outside in the backyard during cooler seasons. There is no better outdoor illumination system than with solar lights because they provide a natural source of light that stays on all throughout the night. They are also energy efficient, so they don’t cost you a penny to operate. Solar landscape lighting is perfect for any area that needs a little uplifting and adds beauty to any yard. The following are some beautiful decoration ideas for your home or business with solar lights:

One of the best ways to add a touch of color and nature to your home is by using solar lights. Simply place these lights wherever they get some sunlight, and they’re great to go with any interior design scheme. Of course, solar lights aren’t just about practicality. Sure, they illuminate your path and free up your house’s electricity for other, more useful, tasks, but guess what? They can even look absolutely gorgeous, too.

Solar lights have been an essential part of every home since the invention of electricity and lighting. They are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. The only problem with them is that they do not last forever like other lighting materials such as lamps and incandescent bulbs. With their limited life span, it is therefore imperative to take care of them to maintain their beauty for a long period of time. Follow these beautiful decoration ideas on how to make use of the solar lights inside your home and transform it into a modern living environment.

The use of solar lights have become increasingly popular these days. Most home owners consider it a cost effective solution to their electrical bills while at the same time contributing to the environment’s health. It is a clean source of energy that doesn’t pollute the environment unlike non renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels. You can even get them in different colors and styles that would blend with your home exterior. Modern house swimming pool ideas can be implemented if you use colored solar lights instead of white lights for the exterior of your home.

Solar lights have become very popular in recent years, and they are great for outdoor use in any room that has direct sunlight during the day or night. This type of decoration can make a big difference to the look and feel of a room, and if you are looking to change the look of your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, you should consider purchasing one of these fantastic modern design ideas. All you need is the proper set of solar lights in order to bring this piece of modern decoration to life!

A lot of people have started appreciating and installing solar lights these days. Simply put these lights where they can bask in some natural rays, and hey, they’re good to go already. Of course, solar lights aren’t only about practicality anymore. Sure, they illuminate your path and free up your electric supply from your home, but what if you want to dress up your porch or deck with a unique decoration idea that simply mirrors the style of the outside environment? What if you want to bring some modern design ideas to your home? There’s no need to panic, there are a number of different exterior lighting fixtures that are perfect for injecting some contemporary style into your outdoor areas.

Solar lights come in different colors, sizes, and designs and are now used as an alternative form of lighting. They can be portable or fixed light fixtures which include solar-powered photovoltaic solar cells, controllers, rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries, LEDs (light emitting diodes), and photo-luminous elements. Because they are solar powered they also have no electrical wires to attach. Modern solar floor design ideas are used in homes, businesses, parks, and other public structures and can be incorporated into existing floor plans for a seamless integration. There is a vast selection of unique solar floor designs and materials available to suit most floor plans.

Floor Design Ideas Using Solar Lights

Solar lights are energy efficient lighting devices that utilize the power of the sun to light your home, garden, business or event. Solar lights are easy to install, inexpensive and add a wonderful look to any landscape. With all the benefits of solar outdoor lighting, why not build your own solar lights? With the proper flooring plan and materials you can build beautiful solar floor designs. In this article we will discuss floor design ideas using solar lights.

Solar lights have just revolutionized the way home decoration is done. Nowadays, decoration is not just about lights; it’s about how you use them. Solar lights have been a great addition to any modern home decor as they allow you to bring a new ambiance to your place and have a great impact on your family as well. They are a revolutionary product in terms of design and purpose, and have been a great help for those who wanted to change their home into a better place. With so many designs and features, this lighting system has become more popular than you might have thought it could be.

Solar lights have become a popular accent to many homes. Unlike traditional outdoor light fixtures, solar lights draw energy from the sun using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, storing it until dusk to light walkways, fences, and gardens. In addition to providing you with a sense of greater visibility come night time, solar lights also are eco-friendly as they do not produce harmful emissions which damage the earth. You can find a variety of styles to choose from when deciding on interior design ideas for your home or garden. There are post mounted solar lights, solar wall lights, hanging solar lights, solar pool lights, or ground lighting and ground lamps, to name a few. There are some very interesting ways solar lights can be used and integrated into your design ideas for your home.

Solar lights are one of the most efficient energy saving devices invented in the last century. With the help of these wonderful and environmentally friendly lights, interior designers have a wide range of beautiful design ideas at their disposal to use in their home and office designing. There are many advantages of using solar lights. One of the main reasons why interior design lovers love solar lights is because of their beautiful design ideas which can be used both for indoor and outdoor design and illumination.

Solar lights are a recent addition to exterior home lighting. With the advent of modern design in interior and exterior home design, solar lights have become one of the best choices of decor for gardens, patios and driveways. With its unobtrusive installation, solar lights give the ambiance of nature without being intrusive. Solar lights can transform the backyard or even the patio at night into an oasis of tranquil comfort, devoid of electricity and cable, since the environmentally friendly lighting source of the sun is free and clear. If you’ve decided on a particular project, the optimal spot for the installation of a solar light is the most strategic – that is, where the most sun exposure is likely.

When it comes to beautifying your home, there is no better decoration idea than solar lights. These unique lights have been used in various parts of the world for hundreds of years. Many people like to place these types of lights in their outdoor areas because they provide a beautiful decoration option that is easy on the eyes. Simply place these lights wherever they catch some sun rays, and they’re good to go for hours. Of course, solar lights aren’t only about practicality.

If you are looking for a beautiful decoration idea that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then solar lights just might be exactly what you’re looking for. Simply place these lights wherever they catch some sunlight, and you’re good to go. Of course, solar lights aren’t only about functionality, either. Sure, they illuminate your path and save on running electricity, but guess what? They can also look absolutely gorgeous, as well.

Solar Lights For Home Decoration

Solar lights for home decoration are a great idea to help you achieve a beautiful design in your house. Simply place these lights in the most convenient spots where they would certainly see some strong rays of the sun, and they’re good to go. Of course, solar lights aren’t just about functionality anymore. Sure, they brighten your path and free up your electricity from the home, but what if you could look at them in a more holistic manner? Now you can – with these gorgeous design ideas.

Brightening up your patio or garden with solar lights can dramatically improve how your patio or garden looks and gives you an incentive to spends more time out in the garden during warmer months. There is no better way to adding some brightness to the outdoor space than by using solar lights. They are easy to install, require little maintenance and are even safe to use around babies and children as they do not pose a fire risk. Solar lights make any space look fantastic and are especially useful around pool areas, patios and decks as well as being suitable for outdoor gardens, areas that receive little sunshine and those sunny days in autumn.

If you’re looking for some good exterior and interior design ideas, then look no further than solar lights. These eco-friendly lights are great for anyone who wants to reduce their home’s carbon footprint, while also giving their home a new kind of unique style. In a nutshell, you’ve got a big opportunity to find out all the key facts you should know about solar lights, how they work, the most economical solar lights available, the pros and cons of each type of light, and the highest value for your money on the best products. So, let’s get started. Remember, when choosing your exterior design ideas, it’s a good idea to take the new look into consideration as well as the functionality.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights have become quite popular the last few years as they enable you to beautify your home and garden at the same time. As the prices of electricity, gas and water continue to rise, solar lighting is a cost effective option for decorating your home without breaking the bank. If you are thinking about using solar lights in or around your home, you need to consider a few different things before you decide on the lighting solution that is right for you. Here are a few beautiful design ideas for solar lights that will make your home look amazing even if you did not invest in a solar garden lighting option.

Solar lights have become a great option for many homes because they provide the home owner with both an economical solution to his electricity needs while also helping to conserve the environment. Solar lights can be used indoors or out and many homeowners use them both inside and out. Some solar lights have such a powerful light that they are ideal for task lighting or outdoor illumination. In fact, there are so many solar lighting options available that it can be quite confusing for the home owner trying to search for the perfect solar lighting solution. Here are some popular house swimming pool ideas and interior design ideas for using solar lights both inside and out.

If you are looking for some modern house ideas for interior design that incorporate solar lights, you are in luck. Many modern home furniture ideas will not only save you money on your energy bills but will also give you a beautiful look, without the need for an interior design expert to come in and spend lots of time with your furniture. A solar patio light, also called a solar candle or solar post, is a solar outdoor lighting system consisting of a solar lamp, solar collector, battery, charge controller, and possibly even an inverter. You can mount the solar post right on your porch or patio, and with a sunny day, it will illuminate your path while you are walking. The solar post is portable, so you can move it around as you please.