Opel GT Decorationings

The Opel GT concept’s interior is an experiment in simplicity. The car features a silver, black, and red color scheme and tries to replicate the flow of its exterior. It’s devoid of conventional buttons, instead being operated via a touch screen or voice command. The interior of the concept also features a Human Machine Interface (HMI) designed to adapt to the driver’s behavior and preferences.

Decorationings For the Opel GT

The Opel GT is a fastback car, which has an unusually long hood, wrapped around the front wheel openings, and a bubble-like passenger compartment. The resulting greenhouse effect is no accident, though. Opel took great care to carve out the usable interior space in its 1968 model, and the doors feature a unique hinge system. The door swings inward to cover the spare tire and jack, and is controlled with voice controls.