MUSAC interior Model and Building

The MUSAC is a striking one-story building constructed of white concrete and large colored glass windows. The architecture is intended to blur the boundaries between art and everyday life, work and leisure, and art and private life. The design incorporates elements such as sculptures and photographs, as well as paintings, and encourages visitors to interact with the artwork displayed within. The museum is the largest in the world, and its interior has received numerous awards and recognitions.

Beautiful home Ideas and the MUSAC Interior


The MUSAC interior has been a topic of controversy for several years, but it is finally getting the attention it deserves. The architect and artist Luis Mansilla is credited with creating the museum’s design. He described the exhibition halls as “covered market streets.” He and his partner, designer Tun Ismail, were inspired by the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, a sprawling market covered by glass that echoes the vibrancy and complexity of an open-air market.