Beautiful home Ideas For the Mazda 30 interior

The interior of the Mazda 30 is one of its most impressive features. It outclasses the hatchback Mazda3 by nearly three feet. Its spacious seating arrangement accommodates five adults with ample legroom. However, its rear seat passengers will bump elbows with those in the front. The steering wheel and gear selector are made of leather, and the audio system comes with Bose(r) premium audio. The CX-30’s rear seats are not as comfortable, but the driver’s seat is heated and ventilated.

Beautiful home Ideas and the Mazda 30 Interior


The Mazda 30 interior is elegant, and its high-tech controls and infotainment system make it easy to make adjustments. The bottom tier of the dashboard has metallic buttons that make it easy to use the audio and climate controls. Leather upholstery and power rear liftgates add to the luxury appeal of the cabin. The CX-30 has a more compact feel, but it retains the quality of its parent car.