K5 Blazer interior Ideas

The K5 Blazer was an award-winning custom build that had great staying power. The car was small and light, yet it was powered by a 210 horsepower small-block Chevy. The engine was relatively weak, but it managed to generate a lot of torque and build a head of steam. The interior was simple and clean, with plenty of room for storage. You may want to consider installing a center console or an additional center console.

The 1970s were a time of new ideas and styles. The first generation of the K5 Blazer was a short wheelbase pickup truck that was available in the 1969 model year. A two-wheel drive version of the Blazer was added in 1970. The new model also featured four-wheel drive and was sold under the brand names of GMC Jimmy and Blazer. The Ford Falcon was the most important rival for the K5 Blazer, but the Ramcharger and Jeep Cherokee had new models as well. The 1979 Blazer’s trim delights included a revised steering wheel, a redesigned tailgate, and integrated parking and headlights. It was even offered with rear-wheel drive until 1982.