Junkers F13 interior – More endorsing Decoration

One of the world’s first all-metal commercial jetliners was the Junkers F13. This aircraft was also one of the first to fly long-distances, averaging around 5,000 km per hour. During its life, the aircraft served as a commercial airliner and proved to be an efficient way to transport people. Today, these jets are still popular and are used in many commercial aviation missions.

The Junkers F13 is a replica of a German aircraft. It was the first all-metal commercial plane. It was also the fastest, with a total airframe time of 161:50 h. The interior is made from leather, and features a Vienna + Santa Fe Brown color scheme. A avionics package and intercom are included in the price. The plane’s design was copied from an original drawing, but has been restored to its original condition.

Junkers F13 Interior – Wonderful Interior Ideas

Known as the Junkers F13, this German military jet is a beautiful, authentic replica. Its interior features many pieces of art and details from the airplane’s past. The team behind the project included MSW Aviation, Kalin Aero Technologies, Naef Flugmotoren AG, and AeroFEM GmbH. During the design phase, the team conducted research in archives and spoke to archivists. They also scanned pieces from museums and archived photographs to produce a more accurate replica of the aircraft.