exterior chimney siding

There are several options for exterior chimney siding, including wood shingles and metal. But while wood shingles are generally a good choice, they are not the best choice for a chimney due to the heat they can transmit to the surrounding house. While a wood-shingle roofing contractor can help you repair these problems, you may wish to replace them altogether. Metal flashing materials can be a great option as they can provide an attractive transition from the roof to the chimney structure. But make sure to check these materials for cracks or chips periodically and repair them as needed.

Exterior chimney siding is the most common type of covering for the exterior of a chimney. It is usually made of bricks, stone or other masonry materials and is held together by mortar. Over time, the mortar can become brittle and crumble, compromising the integrity of the masonry material. If you have noticed cracks in the exterior of your fireplace or chimney, it may be time to have it tuckpointed or replaced with a new one. Either way, you should hire a professional or perform this job yourself. Choosing stone or brick veneer for the exterior of your chimney provides a traditional look without the danger of flammability. Regardless of the type of material you choose, it is an affordable and effective way to restore the beauty of your fireplace.