s For Small Rooms

Beds for small rooms – whether they are apartments or homes – can be very difficult to find because most furniture retailers tend to stock very large selections of standard beds for small rooms. There are many factors to keep in mind when designing a bed for a small room. Most notably, the size of the bed must take into account not only the available floor space but also the dimension of the walls and ceiling as well as any doors or windows that will be accessing the bed. Forward planning is also important to ensure that your interior design and furniture truly maximizes each inch of available space throughout your house design. From under-bed storage units to built-in bunk beds and custom solutions, we have asked the pros to shed light upon the best beds for small rooms:

There are basically two kinds of beds for small rooms: the single platform bed and the drop bed. The single platform bed features a mattress on top of a solid platform which is hinged at its back. A pull-out mattress stand is then installed for storage purposes; the platform can either be made of hardwood or metal depending on your taste. Drop beds, on the other hand, feature a raised platform or “bumper” which hangs down from its end.

Both single and drop platform beds can be made with various types of wood such as pine, cedar or cherry. If you are looking for a bed that is slightly more contemporary than your usual bachelor pad, a modern platform bed may be the perfect choice. Also, if you’re looking to save a little space in your bedroom storage, consider purchasing a platform bed with a built-in drawer underneath. This type of under-the-bed solution can be extremely useful for containing all of those pesky unneeded items that tend to collect up in your drawers and cupboards: books, old photographs, remote controls, and so on. With a built-in drawer, all you need to do is remove the item and slide it beneath the platform bed. With its underbed storage, you can store even more items in a neat package!

Beds For Small Rooms

When you want to make your rooms look bigger, one of the most recommended things that you can do is to buy good looking modern beds for small rooms in order to add a touch of class to your home. With the right combination of furniture pieces and interior design, you will definitely be able to make your house design look classy and spacious. If you really want to add an element of elegance and modernity to your house design, then modern beds for small rooms are among the things that you need to get.

These days, the usual platform beds that are commonly used for extra beds in bigger houses are no longer all that popular anymore. Newer bed designs are geared towards more space efficient living. Therefore, if you’re looking for the latest beds for small rooms, this article will further narrow down some of your choices so you can carefully consider which ones would fit your own house design and your personal needs. Hence, without any further ado, read through the rest of this post for more tips on choosing and buying contemporary beds for small rooms in general. This will surely be helpful in making your interior design more interesting and attractive.

Some of the most common designs for platform beds include the futon type, the air mattress type, the sleeper sofa type, and the sleeper chair type. You can even get these beds to match your existing furniture style. For example, if you have a modern house design with sleek and simple lines, then you can get something like the modern futon type or perhaps the air mattress that can look great as a focal point in your small room. On the other hand, if you have a traditional house design with intricate carvings and frames, then you could easily go for a platform bed that has a high mattress, a headboard, and a footboard made from wood or metal, depending on its design.