Barbie Dream House With Second Floor Tile – Using a Low Flow Shower for Extra Functionality

When Mattel’s creative director, Robert Palmer, hired a team of modern flooring specialists called Modern Flooring to build the new Barbie doll houses, he knew right away that he was building something that would be the envy of all children everywhere. He built a beautiful multi-level Barbie House that his daughter could design in her own imagination any way she liked. Also included in the house are numerous moving bits, such as wheels for Barbie’s car and a toy chest for her toy box. An ornate spiral staircase was also built for the dolls to easily reach all three levels and a large sky deck with tropical plants.

The modern flooring specialists designed the interior of the barbie dream house, including the walls and floors, so that it flows gracefully from one floor to the next. Mattel has done an excellent job in providing kids with a beautiful yet practical toy building that can be used as a play center or for playing. The quality of the plastic used in the construction of these houses is really top notch. The manufacturers of Modern Flooring use a very hard gloss paint that is resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping and fading. Plus, there are no toxic paints or solvents used, which is so vital for today’s environmentally conscious parents. You can be sure that your little girl will love the way her Barbie doll house looks and feels.

For those who wish to extend the functionality of their modern furniture, there are many places you can find high quality, functional furniture pieces that will transform your home without a huge expense. An extremely popular modern flooring option is to install second floor tile. If you already have an existing floor that you want to replace, you may be able to locate beautiful second floor tile that will coordinate with your new modern Barbie doll house. Also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, second floor tile is also ideal for use in rooms that have heavy traffic such as in the foyer or hallway. When used in conjunction with wall-mounted mirrors, a low flow shower can bring some much needed light into your bathroom while also adding a decorative touch.

When little imaginations opens the virtual door to the Barbie Dreamhouse, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing nearly 43 inches tall and 21 inches wide, this interactive dollhouse inspires 360 -degree play with three stories and ten indoor and outdoor living spaces. The grassy area and water area can be set in various configurations on the second and third floors, and both the slide and the attic fit in four second floor locations. Kids will love having their own Barbie Dreamhouse to play in, and when mom and dad purchase the home, it will make a great addition to their garden or back yard. With beautiful design ideas that include mosaic tile, hardwood flooring, and a marble countertop, the interior design of the Barbie Dreamhouse lets parents create a beautiful oasis for their daughter.

A modern twist on the classic Barbie dream house, the barbie magical mansion includes hardwood flooring, a bar area, a play area for dolls, a dining area for guests, a kitchen, and a cozy sitting area. It’s decorated with bar stools, antiques, crystals, and glass lampshades, and is perfect for young children who like to have tea parties with their Barbie maids. The modern design comes with a slide, a fireplace, and a cupboard for storage, and its design makes it perfect for parents who want to provide a warm, relaxing place for their child to play.

All the Barbie dream houses are fully customizable, and each one includes a coordinating play set with themed furnishings. The bar area has a kitchen, and there is a walk in closet where Barbie can dress up in her gorgeous gown and top. There is also a play fenced in porch where Barbie can spend time with her pet monkey, or have tea parties with her friends. These modern design playsets are great choices for moms who don’t want to go all out and purchase a full-blown doll house, or who are only looking to give their children a fun, affordable option for creating an imaginary world.

The Top 10 Best Barbie Dream House By Interior Design Ideas From Around the World. Why is the Top ten best Barbie doll houses worth the price? I will give you that answer now. You will know why by reading this article. First I will explain to you why the interior design ideas from around the world for Barbie’s Dream House are better than any other.

It all starts with the quality of the materials used in the construction of the doll house and more importantly, what kind of interior designing was done to make the Barbie dream house really special. All of the designers who worked on the Barbie doll houses realized the importance of a good design that would catch the attention of the children who would be playing with the Barbie dolls. They had no choice because if the kids would not play with the dolls, the Mattel company would not make any profits at all. That is why they decided that the quality of the Barbie dolls needs to be good before making any changes to the design.

Now here is the quality of the furniture and accessories that you can see in almost every kid’s Barbie dollhouse. Every kid has a different color and type of wallpaper and every kid has their own unique color choices when it comes to the paint colors. Each and every kid will have their own Barbie dream home that is special and different from the others. The interior design ideas of each and every Barbie doll house is based on the consideration of how children would enjoy spending their spare time, playing and being creative. You will surely find that there are several innovative interior design ideas that you could explore for your child’s dollhouse.

When little imaginations open the door into the Barbie Dreamhouse, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing 41 inches tall and 43 inches wide, this incredible toyhouse inspires 360-foot play with three stories and 10 living rooms. The kitchen, bath, bedroom, playroom and bathroom are all themed to meet the unique needs of a Barbie dollhouse doll. Move right in and personalize the room – the kitchen and bathroom are available in multiple configurations on the second and third floors, the kitchen can be set in different settings on the first floor and the bathroom in different settings on the second floor.

The interior of the barbie dreamhouse is full of exciting spots and areas for Barbie to explore and her accessories to mingle. The stairs in the main level of the barbie dreamhouse leads to a stairwell that overlooks the garden that has a water fountain for Barbie to get cozy with, as well as a water pump and bench. Barbie’s bedroom sits at the top of the stairs and has a vanity table and chair, while her dressing area is on the bottom floor. The children’s play area that comes with the barbie dreamhouse can accommodate up to four children, while there are also many storage spaces available.

New barbie dream house

The Barbie Dream House is one of the most innovative and imaginative toys ever developed for children. It inspires such a feeling of creativity and beauty that even young children are able to use it to enhance their own home decor. Every child in your family will love it and will ask you when they get home what they will do with it. It’s not just another toy – it’s a chance for every member of the family to take a break from playing, to focus on the task at hand, to have some fun and to make a real impact on the young minds of your kids. The interior design ideas that were used to create the Barbie Dream House set a new standard in home decoration, and the Mattel Company is betting that the series will continue to be popular for many years to come.


When little imaginations opens the threshold to the all-furnished Barbie Dream House, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing up to forty inches tall and forty inches wide, this creative dollhouse inspire 360-degree interactive play with three levels and ten indoor and outdoor living spaces. The garden area and pond can be set in several different configurations on the second and third floors, with the circular glass slide conveniently fitting in four first-floor positions. Move around the house and twist the switches to change the perspectives from indoors to out, or watch as the friendly Barbie jumps in the swimming pool for a splash with jets of water shooting straight out from her tiny body!

The floor design is full of surprises, too, with countless opportunities to mix and match furniture and accessories. From your own bedroom to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the dining room, the garden to the porch, the barbie dream house and Barbie interactive tower will surely take your breath away. The tower even contains a moving billboard for those quick business advertisements, allowing you to wave at your guests and say “Honey, I’m a busy person, but I need a break!” The ultimate home of beauty and imagination is sure to become a treasured heirloom for generations to come, as the Barbie dream house becomes a standard favorite of children and parents alike.

Barbie dream house with elevator


All Mattel products are created by world-class designers using cutting-edge technology, and nothing reflects this more than the barbie dreamhouse. It’s not enough that Mattel creates fantastic fun toys; the company also believes in the importance of using quality materials to create the very best products. This includes the barbie dreamhouse, which is made of durable strong plastic with no lead or tin – all children can play on it, without fear of an injury. Best of all, the house comes with a limited lifetime warranty. For parents and children, that’s a pretty good deal, don’t you think?

The Barbie Dreamhouse is a modern house that comes with an array of modern house furniture ideas, perfect for your little girl’s enjoyment. When young imaginations open up the portal to the Barbie Dreamhouse, they’ll find endless storytelling possibilities — right from building sets to playing Barbie and Ken’s Favorite Game. Standing up to forty inches tall and 21 inches across, this imaginative dollhouse includes a expansive swimming pool, standing floor and second floor, plus many customizations. Take a stroll through the kitchen and discover more about modern house ideas, complete with a microwave oven, garbage can, built-in cupboard, refrigerator and icemaker. Then, move right into the bedroom to discover the expansive space with a bed, dresser and mirror.

Barbie dream house car

The house comes furnished with a bar, stereo system and DVD player, making it easy to entertain guests with entertaining games like Ken and Barbie’s favorite game: Treasure Hunts. The interior design is full of color and features lots of wall art and furniture. The Barbie Dream House also comes with a small playing area, a kitchen and a game room, perfect for letting the kids have some fun on their own. In addition to the different interior design ideas found in the dream house, other popular modern house furniture includes:

If you’re looking for a way to bring a little girl into your home and encourage her to have fun, then consider the Barbie Dream House. This fun and stylish playset allows your child to grow as a person by playing with her imagination and interacting with the characters inside. With its modern style and charming story, your little girl will enjoy hours of quiet play and endless hours of playtime. With all of these features, the barbie dream house is sure to be a big hit for your little girl!

Interior Design Ideas For a Barbie Dream House

A Barbie dream house would be an awesome getaway from reality for any girl dreaming of living a Barbie dream life. A Barbie dream home is like a fantasy haven where the Barbie dolls live. The rich, famous and other Disney characters all live in these dream houses. There are several interior design ideas that can be incorporated to make any such house look like a true representation of a Barbie dream house. Some of these interior design ideas have been discussed below.

When it comes to interiors, the best thing about such design ideas for a Barbie dream house is that they are very easy to decorate. In fact, if you use the right kind of accessories, you can do the entire thing by yourself without having to hire anybody. Interior design ideas for a house like this would involve plenty of light and space. Thus, it would be great to give emphasis on the interiors so that the entire thing looks beautiful.

Barbie dream house elevator

Apart from the interior design ideas for a Barbie dream house, you should also give ample time to the children who would live in it. You can take some time out to help them learn how to be creative and what not to do. Such things will help them enjoy their stay in the dream house and make them feel at home. Remember, creativity is always rewarded and you too will become the creator of such a house in the future. Be part of this and make your dream come true.

After spending 90 days completing field-level research and careful consideration of many matters, select these top 10 most beautiful Barbie homes and cheap Barbie homes for your little baby’s play area. Interior Decoration Ideas: Barbie houses are always best when decorated with color, but a little bit of decoration added to her room can make the biggest difference in the final result. This decoration process starts with the bedroom. If you are purchasing an older Barbie house be sure to check for parts that will not crack. Make sure the bed and night stand do not have any loose hardware. Be sure to have no loose tiles, wallpaper or paint.

Once you have selected all of the major components that will go into the Barbie dream house decoration process you are now ready to look at the individual pieces. As you look through them you will notice how each Barbie doll has different clothing and accessories and the pros and cons of each are obvious. First consider the clothes the dolls wear. You will find that toddlers like to dress up their dolls with Barbie inspired clothing and the pros of this choice is that the kids will love seeing their favorite Barbie dolls in their cute little outfits, and the cons are that the toddler is going to outgrow the clothes pretty quickly.

The next item up for decoration is the big barbie 3 story dream house. The pros of this choice are that you can save quite a bit of money over buying complete dollhouses separately, and the cons are that it does take a lot more time. The best choice would be to buy the barbie dream house set because the sets include everything you need to finish the decoration. Also the big barbie house set comes with matching furniture so it fits right together, and the furniture is generally very nice looking because most furniture manufactures go for the modern style.

Interior Design Decoration Ideas For The Barbie Dream House

1980s barbie dream house

When little imaginations unleash the catapults to the Barbie Dreamhouse, they’ll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing up to forty inches tall and twenty-three inches wide, this delightful dollhouse inspireens 360-degree play in three floors and ten different indoor and outdoor play areas. Enjoy the beautiful design with cozy benches, a play kitchen, a dining area and an auditorium. Move right in and completely customize the layout – the play kitchen and stairs can be arranged in multiple settings on the first and third levels, and the glass slide fits perfectly in four-level positions.


Imagine a Barbie’s world inside the Dreamhouse that is full of pink – with everything pink! Everything Barbie needs is provided with this amazing toy, which includes a washroom, her favorite chair, a play kitchen, a dining table, and even a bathroom! Inside the Dreamhouse, there are endless design possibilities for activity centers, such as rings for Barbies foot and hand movements, miniature kitchens and treasure chests. There are also many storage bins in the interior of the home, making it easy to keep everything organized and beautiful. For added fun, there are hanging toys for Barbie to roll around in. If a young girl ever gets tired of playing with the Barbie Dreamhouse, she can easily get out and enjoy life in the garden, school, park or even the boardwalk with all the extra Barbie accessories that come with every room!

The Barbie Dream House is sure to encourage children to take up interior design. This is one dream that will never grow old! With great pieces and accessories, this toy has definitely made parents very happy. The interior design decoration of the Barbie Dream House will stay in your child’s memory for a long time to come, and with their imaginative playfulness, they will be able to pass this amazing toy on to their own children.

When young minds open the threshold into the Barbie dream house, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing up 37 inches high and 41 inches across, this fantastic dollhouse inspires almost 360-degree activity with three floors and ten exterior and indoor living areas. The grass room and pool area can be set in various configurations on the second and third levels, and the slide also fits in four main-level locations. This towering Barbie home is full of endless play space for children of all ages. These imaginative furnishings include the kitchen area, the dinning room, and a den where Barbie can entertain her guests. This modern design ideas will add a touch of whimsy to your child’s play.

With beautiful floor plans that feature an abundance of windows, your child will be able to escape to another world as she crafts her own master bedroom. This spacious area is decorated with numerous glass mosaic tiles that reflect light to shimmer and sparkle in the light. Using barbeque tables and a wall fountain, your daughter can set up her very own pretend kitchen where she can make her favorite snacks and serve her guests. She can even let her children have their fun designing the kitchen cabinetry, since all of the equipment is included. This is sure to be an inexpensive and memorable way to bond with your children!

You will love being able to design your daughter’s dream house! This is one of the most popular child sized houses on the market, and its popularity has virtually doubled in the past few years. This is due largely in part to its enduring appeal and its ability to inspire endless play and imagination. If you want to purchase this house, you must be sure to purchase it from a supplier who specializes in toddler furniture. Make sure to take advantage of special low prices that are posted by online furniture retailers, and check out the entire selection before you make a decision. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your little girl, so enjoy it!

All About the Barbie Dream House

When young minds open the threshold into the Barbie DreamHouse,they will find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing 33 inches high and 41 inches wide, the amazing dreamy dollhouse easily inspires 360-degree interactive play with three stories and ten indoor and outdoor play areas. The slide is available in four different positions, accommodating slides that roll in the opposite direction for easy entrance and exit, and the pool is also available in four different positions. This fun interior design ideas keeps kids entertained and busy all day long, and they’ll want to return again for more adventures in this awesome Barbie fantasy world.

90s barbie dream house

Interior design ideas for barbie dream house can include plenty of use of texture to give a more realistic look and feel to the entire play environment. Furniture for the interior of the house comes in different textures to choose from, including smooth solid wood, durable plastic, and wicker. Add flowers and accents to make the barbie dreamhouse even more appealing and creative. The interior of the house features many different color schemes that include black, white, green, yellow, purple, pink, blue, brown, and other pastel hues. This wide selection of color schemes and decorative elements allows children to express themselves through the furniture choices.

The house is fully furnished with four bedroom furniture sets including an adult and child’s bed, chest of drawers, nightstand, and dresser, as well as a glass cabinet and a wall mounted window. Barbie’s luxury bathroom comes complete with a vanity unit, two toilets, a bathtub, and shower. Additional accessories include a bar counter, stool, towel rack, and stool for Barbie’s chair. All of these accessories are included in the retail price of the barbie dream cottage, making it an affordable addition to any young girl’s home.

Barbie Dream House by Kenner

When little imaginations unleash the magic of Barbie Dream Houses, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing up to forty-four inches tall and twenty-four inches wide, this fantastic dollhouse inspires endless floor plans and endless floor designs – the entire floor plan space can be divided up into three levels with a slide ramp, and you can move right inside for creative floor layout play. Transform the den into a tropical paradise complete with a bar, complete with tropical plants, furniture, music, a dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom and an exercise room – the possibilities are endless!

The Barbie Dream House by Kenner creates a magical mansion that can be personalized with your own creative ideas. Sitting proudly on two floors (a lower level has a slide ramp) and five floors (the top level contains the bar), this delightful playhouse features a large, fully-stocked bar, a dining room table, a vanity, two bedrooms, a bathroom and an exercise room, so your kids will have plenty of space for imaginative play and non-stop fun. When the weather outside is bad, send Barbie home to her magical cottage, where she can spend her magical day inside. Your children will love how easy it is to rearrange this charming Barbie toyhouse into a magical museum of fun.

Doll barbie dream house

If you’re looking for an ideal place for your daughter to create stories and learn about fairies, play fairies, make rainbows, and visit fantasy worlds, then the Barbie Dream House by Kenner is the perfect toy for you. This lovely playhouse is a great place for creative childhood play, and when mom and dad purchase the Barbie Dream House for their little girl they are providing hours of quality time spent with their daughter. Because it is so versatile, each floor of the barbie dream house can be used for many different activities including games, homework, crafts and indoor games, which means that your children will never get bored with this delightful toy. Whether your family is looking for a simple place for your pre-teen to unwind or a fantasy museum for your teen, the Barbie Dream House by Kenner is a sure winner.

If your little girl is dreaming of having a Barbie Dream House that will make her say ” Barbie, I want to live there!” you can now purchase a Barbie Dream House complete with all the features that your little girl would love. He made a new modular Barbie house for his daughter which now that she can rearrange any way she wants, he no longer needs to be present to let her know what her choices are. And a beautiful spiral stairs was also created for the beautiful dolls to easily get to all three floors.

The new barbie dream house

You can have your own choice of floor plans and designs in the Barbie Doll House. The beautiful spiral stairs was made with a modern material that is easy to clean and you can see through glass windows on each floor. This modern material is known as UPVC and it makes the house very durable for any little girl who will surely use it. There is a special lock installed on all doors and this is to ensure that only your little girl can enter the house. The other modern feature of this doll house design is the mirrored glass panels in all three rooms of the modular structure.

1995 barbie dream house

For the second floor, the design includes an open kitchen. Barbie’s cooking station is included in the design so your little girl can make her own meals in this amazing modern structure. Your children will really be able to enjoy the open kitchen and preparing their own meals with their very own appliances. The last floor is a Barbie themed living room. This particular floor design is a combination of contemporary and traditional style. There is also a TV in the living room which gives your kids the feeling they are watching a very real Barbie television set inside the doll house.

When young minds open the threshold into the Barbie Dreamhouse, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing 43 inches tall and less than an inch wide, this charming dollhouse inspires endless floor-to-ceiling play with three floors and ten interior and exterior living areas. The expansive property is furnished with a Barbie bathroom and vanity, and her kitchen features a sink and refrigerator, as well as numerous cupboards and cabinets. The slide is designed for two people and contains a bar and counter for drinks and a television. Move right in to this delightful abode and personalize the space – the kitchen and green roof area can be put in various configurations on both the second and third floors, with the formal sitting area and sliding glass door situated in the foyer.

When young minds venture into the Barbie dream house, they’ll discover endless design ideas – right from dollhouse furniture to wall paper and window decorations. The bar area contains a wide variety of colorful plastic bar stools and the countertop is decorated with a placemat, while the dinning area has a table, chairs and antler headrest. The bedroom boasts a dresser and mirror and the ultimate bed can be fitted with a slide and twin bed. The bedroom also contains a walk-in closet and a Barbie toy box.

Barbie adventure dream house

As parents, you will want to ensure that your daughter learns to be confident when entering these wonderful doll houses. In order to encourage this, make sure your daughter uses a wheelchair and uses it properly, before entering any of the barbie dream houses. Remember, you have to break free of your own expectations and design the house to suit your child’s needs, not just your own. By doing this, you will create a beautiful, warm and secure haven for your little girl.

1970s barbie dream house

Every little girl dreams of living in a Barbie Dream House. This is what every little girl dreamed of as a child. The Barbie Dream House is more than 4 feet by 3 feet high with three floors and eight rooms, with a functioning elevator so that you could reach top to bottom easily with no trouble. And it would not be a real Barbie house if you could not take a short water slide from the bottom to the top floor, now would it? For a Barbie or any other doll collection owner, this Dream House would give untold hours of endless imagination and fun.

Barbie victorian dream house

Now that interior design has taken Barbie to a whole new level, you are able to create your own Barbie dream house by choosing the interior decor of your choice and adding accessories that fit in with the style that you choose. You can get Barbie furniture that matches your Dream House and even add accessories such as a Barbie bathroom, all matching with the colors and style of your choice. You can also choose to use all one color scheme or mix and match different colors and patterns for your interior design theme. Also you can decorate your Barbie Dream house any way that you want, you don’t have to follow any set rules that they might have for the house. There are many ways to decorate a Barbie doll home and there is no right or wrong way to go about it. So why limit yourself when you could be free to be creative and express yourself to the fullest.

Barbie zipbin dream house

You are able to build a magical mansion by adding the most recent accessories to your Barbie’s house, you are able to build a dream cottage in your backyard that looks like the real thing and allows your children to play and socialize just like they would in a real neighborhood. If you are looking for a way to build your own Barbie doll’s house, check out our website, it has all the information you need to get started. Start dreaming about what your Barbie dream cottage will look like and feel like.

Interior Design Ideas For Barbie Dolls

If your daughter wants a Barbie Dream house, you should not disappoint her. And you should not think that this is the only toy that Barbie needs, as this is not true. There are many other Barbie games and accessories available in the market, such as Barbie dress up games or Barbie make up games. Even if you want to buy an interior design ideas for Barbie, you should consider buying a Dream house for your child, because she will definitely need this. When was the last time that your little girl asked you for an interior design ideas?

80s barbie dream house

You need not have to go to the doll shop just to pick up some accessories for your Barbie. It is very much possible to design your own Barbie Dream house. All you need is imagination and creativity. Remember that the interior decoration of a house can make your child feel more secure than any of the other toys at the doll shop. It will make her feel more like herself.

You can start by thinking about the furniture that you would want to include inside the barbie houses, because this is by far the most important component of designing a barbie house. It is a good idea to choose furniture according to the age of your child. Your girl can still use her retro Barbie make up to make herself look young, and her Barbie furniture can be updated with her latest Barbie theme, such as contemporary furniture. There are so many sites on the internet that offer an enormous variety of barbie furniture and accessories.

1990s barbie dream house

Hello beautiful friend, welcome to evening again my friend, to celebrate the new occasions we are celebrating, the occasions will tell about the recent home decor modern furniture. Now there is much house design could that you are selecting for your embellishment, however, don’t going to show home only useful to decorate the living room otherwise is, you are also could remove what you don’t need in the living room and yet keep the rest of the house decorations up to the minimum level. This is because the interior design home decoration is an essential part of house design and must also be up to the highest standard. If you would see with some houses today, you would notice that the interior design furniture that is up to the maximum level of quality is very expensive, while the house accessories are of very low quality. This is because they know how high bar this set needs to be, but they cannot possibly supply the items at very affordable cost.

Interior Design Of Barbie Dream House – All interior design of Barbie Dream house should incorporate clean lines, geometric shapes, and simplistic patterns. Simplicity design of Barbie house helps you to keep the interior design of Barbie house simple and yet at the same time not to make it look too boring and dull. All furniture design of Barbie house should have the same simplicity and at the same time should not give the illusion that you have spent millions of dollars. The colors of the house should be soft and pink or blue. The furniture must be the same colors as the walls and the carpet must have the same colors as well.

Barbie dream house second hand

Exterior Design Of Barbie Dream House – You must also keep in mind the exteriors of the house when you decide to design your own Barbie house. The exterior design of barbie dreamhouse should have modern design and at the same time should give you the feeling that it is an upscale home. You must keep in mind that the interior design of barbie dream house is what attracts everyone’s attention. If you can achieve this then you will be able to create a perfect home for yourself.

When young minds open the door into the Barbie Dreamhouse, they’ll find unlimited storytelling possibilities! Standing up to forty-three inches tall and forty-nine inches wide, this charming dollhouse inspires endless 360-degree play, with three floors and ten living areas. Get right inside and personalize the room – the kitchen, attic, bedroom, playroom, and bathroom can all be set in different configurations on the second and third levels, and even the slide magically moves in four-level positions. Every Barbie game comes with its own assortment of stickers, enabling players to decorate the house in any way they see fit. The interior design is perfectly themed too; each area includes a dining room, bedroom, kitchen, stairway, playroom, and bathroom that has been decorated with Barbie’s favorite accessories.

1978 barbie dream house

Parents will certainly appreciate the inclusion of an assortment of tables, chairs, and a wall mural that features Barbie’s favorite fashion designers, such as Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein, and Anne Klein. A fun feature is the Barbie Playmate table, complete with a play mat and Barbie figure, which allows little girls to pretend that their favorite fashion dolls are themselves! With such a versatile interior design, there are many possibilities for adding additional touches. One can add a Barbie vanity, a hanging stool, or even a mirror that displays the interior design in 3-D.

The exterior of Barbie’s house can also be changed to match the interior design of the Barbie Dreamhouse. With many exterior design packages available on the market, parents may choose a motif from nature, such as a mailbox shaped like a mailbox tree, to include in their house’s exterior design. Some of the available exterior packages include Victorian, European, and American themed elements. With all the different elements of a modern house, from the siding to the exterior design to the furniture design, from the size of the house to its shape, to its color, the Barbie Dreamhouse provides children with a house that is nothing like the traditional houses that they see.

Top 10 Most Popular Barbie Doll House With Cost Comparison – 1. Which Barbie Doll House is the Best? 1. How Much Do Barbie Doll Houses cost?

The elevator will make a nice, cozy appearance to the top of the three-story dollhouse. It may be the focal point for the entire dollhouse and should have a great view over the yard. It will be very functional for playing. The stairs would also be a nice addition to the beautiful design, from the outside staircase to the inside stairwell. The entire area of the top of the three-story dollhouse could have a pretty glass doorway leading into a foyer. The foyer area would have a large mirror on the wall, as well as flower arrangements and a desk for Barbie to work at.

The kitchen can have a microwave, grill, sink, and maybe a miniature refrigerator. There are several themes that could be used to decorate the kitchen such as country, western, or contemporary. Some people like to put together big barbie 3 story dream house that is made up of many different rooms. Make sure you do your research before buying the different pieces and decorations so that you can make the entire house blend well together.

Nama nama barbie dream house


When young imaginations opens the magical door to Barbie’s dream house, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing 41 inches tall and 21 inches wide, this three-story dreamy house inspires 360-degree playing with three levels and 10 unique indoor and outdoor areas. Play house furniture is inspired by Barbie’s world and furniture is decorated in the same way. The interior flooring is a combination of red, white, blue, pink, yellow, green and brown, while the outside is decorated in neutral tones. Play house accessories include a Barbie car, a white boat, a train, a green house, a red school bus, a frog, a karaoke machine, a basketball hoop, a trampoline, a sandpits, a mailbox, a tea table, a birthday cake, and several other fun Barbie themed items.


The floor design ideas that are featured in Barbie’s dream house include things like a bar stool, a vintage play piano, a vintage glass-fronted bookcase, a vintage iron-bound filing cabinet, a vintage sports-utility vehicle, and a vintage bicycle. The dining room has two tables, a fender bender, and a wine rack. The kitchen has a stainless steel sink, a microwave, a dishwasher, a garbage can, and a wooden bread box. The bathroom includes a tub and shower, a vanity unit, a bar counter, and three bar stools.

All of the furniture and accessories come in pink or blue, and all of the interior accessories are white. The exterior wall sconces have green and red frames, and the front door is decorated with a gold frame. There are over thirty Barbie themed miniature figurines that come with their own accompanying soaps, shampoos, body lotions, make-up, lamps, purses, and makeup mirrors. Each of the Barbie dream houses comes complete with an organizer card with a place for each of the Barbie dolls to hang their head. Each of the individual Barbie dolls has its own personalized set of Barbie playthings that come with a matching dress, belt, shoe, handbag, and shoes. The Mattel dream house also includes a bar counter, an oven, a garbage can, a chair, a craft activity table, a microwave, and a wooden chalkboard.

Interior Design of a Barbie Dream House

When little, was young, asked mom for a Barbie Dreamhouse. It was probably the first toy of many: insanely expensive, totally dwarfing the little girl who sat in it. Never got one, either. Instead, everything Barbie games played out on a vast set of white, plastic modular drawers, that were, in hindsight, the very perfect Barbie stage set, complete with lots of floor space for little hands to manipulate. It also had two different entrance ways, so Mom could dress up Barbie to look just like an adult women, and play games like she’d been doing all her life, when she was a little girl.

As our little girls grew older, she wanted more Barbie toys. This was fine; all kids do. However, the toys needed to be more than toys: they needed to be design things. The barbie dream house, at this time, was not a “dress-up” dress-up house, but rather a three stories wooden house that could be decorated by Barbie herself, or her friends, or even random strangers on the Internet, if she felt like having people visit her, or play with her.

This is what the interior design of the Barbie dream house would look like today. Instead of being a toy, it became a place where Barbie could pretend to be an adult, and her three story house became a modern design house that had a working elevator and a functioning kitchen. It no longer was a toy: it became a house. We had not found a Mattel Mattress of this size and detail since Mattel released the original Barbie game in 1959. I think we are now finally seeing the end of the story.

Barbie Dream House Interior Design Ideas – Give Your Doll a Home This Year

If you’ve ever been inside of a Barbie dream house, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Sure, they look beautiful, but when was the last time you really felt like you were inside? Even if you were playing with your daughter, who wouldn’t want to feel like she was living there? Let’s face it, at some point, we all would like to pretend that we’re living in our favorite Barbie dollhouse.

So, where can you get some quality Barbie dream houses to set your home on? If you’ve never been very good with interior decorating, then you should really consider hiring someone to help you create a look that will fit your lifestyle. Most people who are good at this will have websites full of interior design ideas for Barbie houses. Some websites will even let you customize the house, so you can make it just how you want it. In other words, if you know that you’re going to want to keep your daughter in the house for quite awhile, you can have her set up a bedroom with furniture similar to what she would find in her Barbie dollhouse.

Barbie doll dream house adventure

Speaking of interior decorating, there are a few other things that you can do to get the feel that you’re in your Barbie house. There are Barbies themed wallpaper borders you can buy. There are also barbies themed lamps and other similar accessories. And finally, if you’re on a tight budget, you can always build your own barbie houses! You might not be able to afford buying the furniture and accessories, but with some craft supplies and an eye for a bargain, you can create your dream house for very little money.

When young minds open that door into the Barbie Dream House, they’ll find unlimited storytelling possibilities! Standing up high at more than three feet tall, this incredible dollhouse immerses the player in a 3-dimensional world of purple, pink, yellow and black. Moving from room to room, the user is taken into the doll’s world using magical extensions that let you move freely and manipulate objects. The grassy area and the water area can both be positioned in various settings on the first floor, and the moving slide is available in four different second floor locations. Using Barbie’s mobile phone, the user can call her friends and take a sneak peak of the fantastic interior.

The beautiful floor plan and interior were designed by award winning interior designers Jennifer Guttner and Amy Porterfield, who have worked with Barbie for many years. Using the same creative spirit as the beloved child prodigy, these two women have created an amazing Barbie dream house that even includes a garden for Barbie and a play set for Mattie. Each floor of the barbie dream house is decorated in bright colors that are sure to inspire imaginations — with Barbie’s pink walls and furniture in primary colors, the living room is furnished in primary yellow and blue, while the bedroom is presented in primary pink and orange.

Barbie smart dream house

The third floor offers Barbie an escape in to a much more modern world, with wood floor and tile walls. The interior was designed by award winning interior designers Dietrich Neuburger and Reinhold Voll, who have worked with Barbie for many years. The use of modern elements, such as mirrored walls, stainless steel appliances, flat panel televisions, and bar stools gives the barbie dreamhouse a very contemporary feel. Interior designer Jennifer Guttner also incorporated bar stools in her design scheme for the barbie dreamhouse, which gives the place a very comfortable feel.

Playthings From Barbie’s Dream House

When young minds open the door into the Barbie Dreamhouse, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing forty inches tall and forty inches wide, this amazing toyhouse inspires endless floor plans! Use the ramps to get up and down, and use the sliding doors for a way to bring you from one floor to the next. The grassy area and swimming pool area can be set in several different configurations on both the second and third levels, and the sliding glass door fits in four different second-level locations. Inside, youll discover a Barbie kitchen, a bathroom, a sitting room, and a TV in every corner.

With an endless array of Barbie accessories and furniture, your daughter will love her new Barbie Dream House, and you’ll love the way it allows you to explore such limitless possibilities. The working elevator system is designed so that dolls can enter and exit at their own pace, taking them places in the house they love most. There’s even a moving stairway and a fully-functioning elevators to take Barbie from floor to floor. Each floor has its own little story to tell, and all of the rooms reflect Barbie’s unique style and personality.

Even the smallest of Barbie doll figures can move about in this magical mansion. The moving map feature is functional, allowing you to follow your little girl as she explores her way around her magical cottage. All of the furniture and accessories are fully-functional and display true to life, Barbie style, including her coat and shoes, and furniture is beautifully decorated and updated for the ultimate in Barbie doll quality. With the Barbie Dream House and accompanying Playset, there is no end to what your children can imagine for their little girl’s playtime.

Every little girl dreams of having a Barbie Dream House. It is one of the most popular toys for girls in the doll collectors’ market place. Classic Fun This is what each little girl grew up dreaming about. The Barbie Dream House is above 4 feet long and just under 3 feet tall with three floors and eight rooms; you can get to the top with a working lift. And it would not be a real Doll House if you could not take a water slide from the bottom to the top, right, wouldn’t it? For any Barbie doll or fan of this classic toy, this is the perfect way to add a touch of imagination and fun to your doll’s bedroom.

Affordable Interior Decorators Barbie has a long line of interior designers that have put out many different doll houses that you can purchase to decorate your Barbie’s room. These interior designer playsets are made of durable materials like wood and are painted in a variety of colors. They make beautiful additions to any childrens bedroom, they are great for use on outdoor furniture, decorative walls, or a childs playhouse. The price range for these Barbie doll houses runs from around twenty dollars to well over forty dollars, so it is definitely worth checking out the various interior decorators out there that sell them.

Amazing Furniture Dream houses by Barbie are also decorated with beautiful pieces of furniture, like tables, couches, dressers, armoires, and chests of drawers. All of these pieces of furniture and more come in a variety of beautiful colors. It is easy to decorate your Barbie’s magical mansion with pieces that match the furniture, the colors used, and the theme of your childrens’ bedrooms. There are plenty of companies online that sell furniture that matches the decor in your daughters room, and many of these companies offer free shipping, so you are sure to get a great deal on this type of furniture. When buying furniture for your daughters bedroom, remember that it needs to be stylish, durable, and affordable. With so many beautiful products available for your daughter to enjoy, she is sure to love her new room, and when you make the purchase, you are creating a space that she will enjoy for years to come.

When little imaginations open the secret door to a Barbie Dream House, theyll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing 41 inches tall and 42 inches wide, this fantastic dollhouse inspires endless play with three levels and ten living areas. The kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are all fully customizable with a wide range of flooring and wall color schemes. Move right into the kitchen and change the interior design – the sink, countertops, and cabinets can be set in many different configurations on the second and third levels, and the moving slide fits into four different second level locations.

2000s barbie dream house

Barbie’s Dream House lets children explore their imaginations and build with interactive possibilities, while using traditional toys as well as more modern toys from Mattel. Children will have fun decorating the house by adding accessories like the working elevator, making the house bigger by adding extra rooms, choosing doll furniture that goes with their Barbie dolls, adding furniture and accessories to the bedrooms, and more. The working elevator allows dolls to access each level of the house without stepping on any of the stairs, while the expanding house gives children the freedom to add rooms as they please.

Barbie doll dream house price

The interior design of the Barbie Dream House is themed to match the Barbie’s world and surroundings. Each of the walls has a color scheme that represents Barbie’s world so parents can see the connections to the furniture, colors, and wall patterns. Furniture is designed to match the Barbie’s world, and interior design is fun with lots of bright colors and furniture. The interior doors open to reveal a Barbie’s bedroom, which includes a bed, dresser, mirror, dressing table, and vanity. Further, there is a play fireplace that plays Barbie’s favorite music when she is a child and a miniature kitchen in the Dream house that plays cook games whenever a girl burns her face on a fire.

Barbie deluxe dream house

What would your Barbie dream house be like? This is what each little girl dreamed of growing up. The new Barbie Dream House is now over 4 feet long and 3 feet tall with 9 rooms and a working lift you can access with a working lift.

Barbie doll house dream house

And it would not be a real Barbie dreamhouse if you could not take a water slide from the top floor to the first floor, right? For any Barbie fan or doll collector this Dream House would give countless hours of play and fun. Now there are some people that are not so sure about the modern design ideas for a Barbie doll house. And I will tell you why. Let’s have a look at the interior decor of this amazing modern creation.

1960s barbie dream house

A lot of people have asked me why Barbie needs a house in the first place and I tell them that I believe the original Barbie dolls started out in a small cart house with a door and a few drawers. These are some beautiful decoration ideas for a Barbie doll house. The interior decoration of the house is done in a very photogenic style with lots of bright colors. It is all about bringing the outside in and making it come inside out to become a beautiful Barbie dream house.

When I think of Barbie dolls, I don’t think of the cute little Barbie dolls we see on TV, but I do of the amazing Barbie dream house that some collectors have built. Now, the Barbie dream house has evolved into many different types of houses. In years past, the Barbie dream house would be modeled after the lavish New York City home of the era of the Model Hope doll. Instead, all Barbie doll play out in a series of pale blue plastic modular cubes, which while they had plenty of space for tiny hands to get to, in retrospect were the very same Barbie doll stage set. But never got over that Barbie Dreamhouse.

In recent years, Barbie has moved out of that style of doll house, and although there are still some who prefer it, there seems to be a growing interest in the modern Barbie doll furniture style. There are many Barbie furniture pieces that can be seen in several of the new doll house designs. One such piece is the vanity table, which sits atop a vanity, allowing Barbie to dress up her body with the various accessories that are available. One of the most popular pieces of Barbie furniture is the armoire, which often has a mirrored surface allowing Barbie to place her hair in a variety of up styles. The modern Barbie doll house furniture design allows the little girl to dress up in the latest Barbie fashion, while still having the space she needs.

One other type of furniture that is seen frequently in the modern design of the Barbie dream house is the so called play kitchen. This furniture is an invention of sorts, since it allows little girls to pretend they are cooking for an audience, while playing with food. The toy kitchen consists of many cabinets and shelves, as well as a sink and countertops. The toy kitchen allows the girl to cook different types of food, ranging from ice cream to pizza. Barbie dolls themselves have a variety of food that they like to eat, including French fries, shakes, chicken wings, and French fries.

Barbie Dream House by Global Resorts Inc

When little imaginations opens the magical door into the Barbie DreamHouse, they will find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing forty-one inches tall and forty-nine inches wide, this inflatable dream house inspired by the favorite Barbie dollhouse is sure to inspire 360-degree indoor play with three levels and 10 unique outdoor and indoor living areas. Personalize the room – the grass room and pool area can both be set in different settings on the third and second floors, and even the bathroom can have a unique configuration set up!

The Barbie Dream House by Global Resorts Inc. also includes two fun play sets: the Dream Pillow Playhouse and the Barbie Go Karts. Both of these amazing play sets are designed for children ages three and up, and are sure to bring hours of fun for the entire family! Each Barbie dollhouse comes complete with a carry case and a storage chest for accessories, and both of these fantastic dream houses are decorated with the most popular Barbie characters, including Barbie’s parents, her friends, and other important people in Barbie’s life.

The Barbie Dream House by Global Resorts Inc. is sure to capture the imagination of any child, and is sure to become a favorite of every child in your household. With all of the exciting places that the Barbie Dream House by Global Resorts Inc. can take your little girl, it’s no wonder why many parents choose this play set over all others. It allows them to escape to a modern world where anything is possible, including Barbie’s dream house, which makes the perfect getaway during those boring, rainy afternoons. These fantastic Barbie dream houses by Global Resorts Inc. are sure to provide hours of entertainment and education for your little girl, and they are sure to be a big hit with any little girl who wants to experience a modern version of Barbie’s dream house. Don’t forget to look for the Global Resorts website for even more great Barbie toys and decorations!

When young minds open the lid to the ever-changing Barbie Dream House, they’ll find endless storytelling possibilities! Standing tall at forty inches tall and wide, this fun-filled toy house inspires 360-foot play with three levels and 10 outdoor and indoor living areas. Expand right in to create your own Barbie fantasy world – the green grass space and pond place can be set up in several configurations on the second and third levels, and the glass slide fits perfectly in four corner areas. Play dolls enter and exit the home through a moving portal, and new rooms are rearranged every day. The Barbie Dream House is designed for children ages three to seven, with a safety rating of E for easy maneuvering around children. An all-electric unit is also included with the purchase.

In addition to featuring the most recent Barbie play sets, the interior of the barbie dream house includes a Barbie themed bed, mirror, dresser, and dressing table. Additional extras include a Barbie like television, a Barbie like telephone, a Barbie like hamper, and a Barbie like game tray. A wall sconce adds a beautiful touch to the interior, while a Barbie like vanity table and chair round out the attractive interior. All of these items are available separately or as part of the barbie dream house play set.

Mattel’s creative and colorful imagination inspires the imaginations of each child, encouraging them to use their imaginations and beauty to build the ultimate Barbie dream house. While many parents may be concerned about the safety of a wooden playset, with its plastic material, they find that the material used on the barbie cottages are durable and washable. They also consider the beauty of the Barbie themed furniture, with its bright colors and unique designs. As parents or grandparents, you can feel good about allowing your little girl to have her own play space, with no worries about harming her.

The Barbie Dream House was introduced in 1959, and since that time it has become one of the most popular toys for girls. This is what every little girl dreams of. The Barbie Dream House is almost 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide with three floors and eight rooms, you could reach from a working elevator. And it would not be a real Dream House if you could not take a water slide from the first floor to the second, is it?

With the recent introduction of the Mattel play set, you now have even more choices when it comes to decorating and furnishing your Barbie dollhouse. Classic Fun With all the different Barbie play sets, you can decorate your house in a way that fits the entire theme of the play set. If you are a classic Barbie fan you might want to use the interior to create an interior scene for your Barbie dream houses. All the furniture pieces, bedding, decorations, and accents match the interior design of the Barbie houses. This is a great way to create an interior design that fits your Barbie dollhouse.

Magical Mattel The latest addition to the Barbie family is the magical mansion. This amazing play set includes an attic, two full floors, a basement, and a play area for Barbie, her four pet animals, and an adult figurine. It can be decorated all in pink with lots of purple accents, or it can be decorated in a more traditional style, complete with white doors and a staircase to take Barbie through her amazing dream houses. In addition to this, you could also get a glass elevator that takes Barbie to each floor of her magical mansion. This adds another neat feature to this amazing Barbie toy house, and really completes it as a complete unit.

When young minds open the virtual door to the Barbie DreamHouse,theyll find unlimited storytelling possibilities! Standing 41 inches tall and 23 inches wide, this imaginative dollhouse evokes 360-degree play through three floors and ten interior and exterior living areas, which are ideal for young children that wish to create their own fantasy worlds. To move right into the action, create your own master bedroom and spend time indulging your favorite Barbie fantasies with a wide range of modern design ideas, from floor-to-ceiling windows, to an ocean scene with waterfalls and a palm tree, to a bedtime scene of you, Barbie and Ken sitting together reading. The interior design ideas can further include a kitchenette with a sink and countertop, a game room with a video game system and a microwave, as well as a bathroom featuring a walk-in shower, a vanity with hairdryer, and more.

A few modern design ideas for Barbie dream houses include wall art, which can feature modern art, photographs, or drawings of Barbies. You can hang photographs of Barbie from the outside balcony as a backdrop, or frame a modern image and hang it on the wall. This is also a great way to incorporate different types of art into your daughter’s room. In addition to these walls, there are several other areas in the house that you can decorate to suite your needs. With a choice of floor plans including the garden (with a miniature basketball hoop), the kitchen, a playroom, a guest room, a bedroom and a den, your little girl will have many choices in where she spends her time, what she’s able to play, and how she gets dressed up!

There are literally hundreds of different accessories, furniture and accessories available to decorate your Barbie dream houses in. You don’t have to be a trained home designer to create something stylish and innovative. All you need is a little creativity and imagination! For example, if your daughter loves to play in the garden, why not make her own play set? You could buy an attractive wooden playhouse and fill it with garden furniture, a fountain and a birdbath, all of which she can play in for hours on end, enjoying the tranquility that is available to her in such a modern setting.