Antique Exterior Doors From Ontario Add Flair to Your Interior design ideas

If you’re looking for a unique door, an antique exterior door from Ontario will add an old-world flair to your living room. The Goderich doors in the Toronto area were part of a pair of outstanding pieces from a House in a rural town. These are 32 x 80 inches and feature gold-flecked glass. They were once painted milk chocolate brown, but are now exposed to the rich oak grain.

You can find many varieties of antique exterior doors from Ontario at the local home Depot, as well as online. These doors come in various sizes, and can be custom made. There are many benefits to custom-built doors, and you can choose whichever size and style you want. If you have a small or awkward opening, a smaller door can be customized to fit. These doors are typically not in perfect condition and need a little TLC before they can be installed on your home.


The most popular antique exterior doors from Ontario are the Woodstock Queen Anne doors, which have a thicker interior than a traditional door. These have typical late Victorian details, including the raised hand giving the “peace sign.” You can also find smaller, refinished, and varnished versions of these doors. Often, you can get a door that is a better fit for an unusual opening. This type of door has a high price tag, but it is worth the price.