Beautiful Decorationings For the State of Amazonas

The State of Amazonas is a federal state in southern Brazil that is unique in its geographic dimensions and its business-state operation. It is divided into two regions, the north and the south, with Apoporis-Tabatinga as its geodesic line, and Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, a municipal area on the Brazil-Colombia border. Electricity is generated at hydrothermal power plants, and is distributed to the interior municipalities

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The Amazonas interior is characterized by its small population agglomerations. Consequently, access to essential services, such as electricity, is limited and precarious. Many residents live near rivers and lakes, resulting in a uniquely rural lifestyle. This region lacks urban amenities and the same opportunities as other parts of Brazil. The only available electricity in this region is thermal, which means that it is not environmentally friendly. In addition, there is no centralized electric grid to distribute the power throughout the state.