Beautiful design for a Humane Sanctuary

The Almost home Foundation is a non-profit, all-voluntary, pet rescue organization based in Schaumburg, IL. Their mission is to find loving homes for abandoned animals and to re-locate them into loving homes with caring humans. They rescue dogs and cats from bad situations and give them loving homes where they can enjoy human companionship. The mission of the animal shelter is to provide healthy, safe, nurturing environments for homeless pets while focusing on finding them good permanent homes. To date, the shelter has adopted over 400 animals, providing homes to many of them throughout the year. The mission continues to expand by rescuing more animals, building relationships with generous supporters, and spreading the word about the organization and its services.

The Almost Home Foundation was created by volunteers in the hopes of raising money to care for unwanted companion animals. Through their non-profit foundation, they hope to create lifelong memories for the people who adopt their pets, as well as to find loving, permanent homes for those that are born without a family. Through their grant making program, they have been able to purchase land for a veterinary college on the premise that if a college can be built adjacent to the location of an animal shelter, more people will be inclined to donate to the Foundation. Over the years, they have found that the animals that come to the foundation are in need of long-term care rather than just temporary shelter. In turn, they receive medical, therapeutic, and loving care and are cared for by loving staff and volunteers before being put in foster homes or having their new homes ready to go.

The mission of the foundation continues, “We believe that a building designed with a human touch will make a difference in the lives of the animals and people who enter our facility. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary for animals where they can come and go as they please, without worrying about the cost of food, litter, water, or shelter.” With the help of almost $15k of donations, the Almost Home Foundation has been able to purchase lots of property for development purposes and continue their work. With the help of the public, this beautiful design for a humane sanctuary is just what they have been working toward.

Almost Home Foundation Overview

Almost Home Foundation has become a popular name in the design industry as they offer beautiful home decor and interior design ideas. The company was started in 2021 by Jay Kubassek. He wanted to make a company that focused solely on home decor and interior design so he decided to launch a website for his new business. Almost Home Foundation now offers online home furniture and home interior design services to thousands of homeowners across the United States of America. Over 40 custom home furnishing manufacturers and designers are licensed by Almost Home Foundation to produce almost 100,000 different items in the different categories.

Almost Home Foundation offers many categories that can be customized to the needs of homeowners, ranging from the category of antiques and collectibles to the category of animals needing home in the form of cat trees. They also provide help for people who need help finding the perfect cat tree for their home or animals needing a home in their owner’s yard. One category that is very popular is the one of hundreds of beautiful antique sofas, loveseats, lovatory benches and rocking chairs that are offered by Almost Home Foundation. Their goal is to make each customer’s experience with them as enjoyable as possible.

Another important part of Almost Home Foundation’s mission is to rescue stray and abandoned cats and dogs from the streets and surrounding area. They do this through the Humane Society of the Untied States through their Pet Rescue Teams program. Each week a pet is matched up with a willing adopter who will take the animal to a qualified shelter where it will be cared for until a new home can be found. The Humane Society is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to ending the suffering of animals and people throughout the Unites States and throughout the world. Since the inception of the program almost fifteen years ago almost thirty-two thousand pets have been saved, along with thousands of dogs and cats.

Almost Home Foundation Makes A Difference

Almost Home Foundation helps homeless pets through a unique combination of compassion, education, support and advocacy. The mission of Almost Home Foundation, an international charity has been working for over 10 years to help pets in need find permanent, safe and loving homes. Since our foundation was established in 1994 nearly twenty three thousand dogs, cats and other animals have received shelter, care and support. Through these services, nearly twenty five thousand pets have been reunited with their owners, including many that suffered abuse or were rescued from abusive circumstances. By providing a loving, secure and loving home to these pets, Almost Home Foundation helps pets find peace and a new beginning.

Through the assistance of almost home foundation, pet owners are able to save their animals from an immediate euthanasia and find loving, permanent homes for them. The organization dedicated to improving the lives and health of cats and other animals through education, research and service offers a number of programs that give pets a new chance at a good life. Some of the nearly projects that span the globe include the following:

Almost Home Foundation offers a variety of programs that focus on improving the quality of life for animals. Through the services of this unique charitable organization dedicated to providing safe and loving homes to animals, nearly twenty-five thousand animals are found a new home where they can enjoy a long and happy life. In addition to helping pets find a new home, the foundation offers educational programs for children, teenagers and adults. The variety of programs offered includes the rescue of stray and lost animals, training and education of cats and other exotic animals, providing healthy, clean food and other necessities for cats and other exotic animals, as well as offering spaying or neutering programs for cats and other exotic animals. These are only a few of the many programs offered by the nearly home foundation.

The Almost Home Foundation is a non-profit, all-voluntary, animal rescue organization based in Schaumburg, Illinois, which is running a Give a Hound Fundraiser in support of the need to provide veterinary care and medical services to stray, abandoned, neglected, and abused canines in the community. If you have a doggie, you can make tax deductible donations to this worthy cause through the “Give a Hound” website. This website is a web-based directory where people who love dogs can find dogs that need homes, adoptions or foster care. You can also read more about the mission of the foundation and how your tax-diverting dollars can help animals in need.

The Almost Home Foundation began almost twenty years ago as a charitable organization dedicated to helping dogs in need find loving homes. Today, that mission has blossomed into a valuable service that provides financial assistance, advice, education and veterinary care for animals in need. Through the almost home foundation, you can help dogs in need by donating your tax-diverted dollars towards the valuable services of the house Call Animal Rescue and the Equine Adoption Center of Central Illinois. Through this service, you can help dogs in many areas including; St. Louis, MS, Farmington Hills, IL, Carbondale, IL, and Gary, IN. Through the almost home foundation, you are able to make a difference in the lives of unwanted companion animals while enjoying your tax deduction receipt!

The idea behind the House Call Animal Rescue is that shelter pets suffer more from abuse and neglect than do abandoned or neglected pets. Many dogs spend their entire lives in a abusive and unsafe situation before arriving at a shelter. For these unfortunate animals, placement in a Rescue shelter is the first time they will ever be cared for. When you donate your taxidermist dollars towards their care, you not only help those animals who are in need but you are helping those who may never have the opportunity to enjoy a moment of love.