Air Transat A310 Interior Review

A decade ago, Air Transat operated the last of its ten-year-old Airbus A310s, flying the aircraft from Porto to Toronto and then to Montreal Mirabel Airport for storage. The airline initially planned to retire the A310 by late April but had to suspend operations in the middle of April due to a Coronavirus outbreak. Today, the airline operates a fleet of 14 A310s, which feature 238 seats in regular economy and three rows of recliner seats.

The interior of the Air Transat A310 is as quaint as the service itself, with a comfortable design that gives you the feeling of being at home on a European or American flight. Its classic twinjet configuration features an extra-legroom section with two agents of the board and 187 economy class seats. The airline’s signature recipes are incorporated into the menu, which is served immediately upon boarding.

The Air Transat A310 was an aircraft that departed Canada in 1977 and ended passenger service in 2020. This plane was the second largest airline to use the type in its passenger configuration. COVID-19 was a major factor in Air Transat’s premature retirement of this model. The A310 was an excellent airplane, but it suffered from many shortcomings. This review is a look at some of the biggest flaws of the airline’s seating.