2000 Ford Excursion Decorationings

The interior of the 2000 Ford Excursion is very comfortable, but the ride is a bit rough. This vehicle is big and the steering feels vague. The rear cargo area is behind the second-row door, and the engine struggles to move more than 7,000 pounds of vehicle. The interior of the Excursion is spacious and has a surprisingly good ride quality, but it also has its fair share of problems, including poor fuel economy and a bland and uninspired design.

The 2000 Ford Excursion is similar to the Bronco in design, but it is larger and more luxurious than either. Its cargo area is located behind the second-row door and can carry up to nine passengers. The Excursion features a 3-way cargo door with an upper liftgate and two lower dutch doors, similar to the 1992-2005 Chevrolet Astro. The rear taillights are sourced from the E-Series van. The cabin features black leather upholstery and woodgrain accents.