1990 Honda Accord Decorationings

The 1990 Honda Accord was the first Accord to feature a full leather interior. It was available in several different color schemes, and it was the first Honda to offer the leather option. The sedan was also offered in two-speed semi-automatic and fully-automatic transmissions. This was the first year that the Accord was offered with a four-speed automatic transmission. The exterior and interior of the newest Accords were slightly changed from those of the previous model. The bumper trim was redesigned and the CVCC induction system was discarded. In California, the Accord received a catalytic converter and four-port exhaust valve head.

In the 1990 Honda Accord, the interior was a bit spartan, but it was comfortable enough to make you forget you were in a small car. The seats were wide and supportive, and the backs of the seats were slightly higher than the previous generation. The seat tracks were also changed, and the Accord had more lateral foot room. The front seats swivel and recline, and the EX model had adjustable lumbar support. The Accord was also quite spacious, with a large trunk and ample storage space.