1989 Jeep Cherokee interior – Wonderful Interior Ideas

The 1989 Jeep Cherokee’s interior is covered with grey cloth or vinyl, which matches the rest of the vehicle’s exterior. Its automatic transmission, manually adjustable seats, power windows, air conditioning, and overhead console were all included as standard equipment. The interior features manual air conditioning, keyless entry and ignition, a digital clock, and a vertically mounted spare tire. Although the XJ Cherokee had the same features as the base Cherokee, the XJ was more luxurious and featured more advanced technology.

1989 Jeep Cherokee Interior – Wonderful Interior Ideas

The 1989 Jeep Cherokee is a popular model with a distinctive interior. Its rounded shape makes it an ideal family vehicle. Its four-door body was made of durable vinyl and was available with a manual or automatic transmission. The first-generation Cherokee was a two-door, four-seater with a manual transmission and a three-door hardtop. It was sold for seventeen years and is considered a vintage collectible today.

The 1989 Jeep Cherokee has a basic yet functional interior. The three-door and five-door versions were available in 13 trim levels and included several optional features. This redesigned version was also equipped with a manual-adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, and an overhead console. The rear seats were manually adjustable. All Cherokees had power windows and locks, as well as manual-adjustable seatbacks. The transmission was chain driven and the rear axles were solid.